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The All Girls Theatre Company was established in 2007 as a platform for the Kattaikkuttu Girls to develop their artistic talents and skills. The Company consists of all the girls of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, in addition the only graduate Kattaikkuttu Girl who alone has opted for a theatre career. The All Girls Company functions as a "theatre laboratory" where they can experiment with different interpretations of traditional repertory and create new repertory addressing women's issues.

The experience of working with all the Kattaikkuttu Girls drawn from across the three different phases of the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam (juniors, seniors and apprentices) creates bonding and provides a safe environment within which such artistic experiments are allowed to develop.

The All-Girls Company has two short plays in its repertory and has performed in villages, Chennai and Bangalore.


Listen to Kattaikkuttu Girls :

Reviews of Subhadra Kalyanam by the All Girls Company at the 2010 Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival in Bangalore:

'..."Subhadra Kalyanam", the story of Arjuna's marriage with Krishna's sister Subhadra was fascinating for many reasons. The slender, young cast tried to outplay their physical limitations - as the strapping, quick-to-temper Duryodhana, the remarkably beautiful Arjuna who never flounders, and more. Their treatment of time was striking - the present pre-empting the past and hence fusing time and space into an entity of no boundaries.'

'... This very physical theatre (outstanding performance by Arjuna, not to forget the charming Krishna and the chit of a Vikarna), teased one's notions of aesthetics. It altered many perceptions, including the understanding of folk.'

Deepa Ganesh in The Hindu, Bangalore edition, 27 Oct 2010

'...The performance was amazing and so full of energy and comedic timing, while the young artistes, who performed the role of Arjunan and Kannan (Krishna), were astoundingly good too!'

Blog of  Haraaorey Loka Ruchi, 29 Oct 2010

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