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Festivals [2000 & 2005]

Festivals 2000

Every year the Sangam organizes a Kattaikkuttu Theatre Festival in Kanchipuram and, depending on the availability of funds, in one or two other places. One of the objectives of the festival is to introduce different groups and different styles to the audience. Furthermore, the festival provides a platform where Kattaikkuttu performers can meet, discuss their mutual professional interests and witness each other's performances.

Sometimes these festivals are preceded by public discussions, workshops and demonstrations on different topics. For instance, the 1993 festival included a demonstration of different (sub) styles found in Kattaikkuttu and the 1995 festival included a demonstration of and discussion about the representation of women characters in different Kattaikkuttu plays. Other festivals have featured special themes, such as Mahabharata plays, the plays written by Kalavai Kumarasami and performances by invited guest theatre groups, for instance the performance of Mauna Kuram by Voicing Silence from Chennai.

The success of the subsequent festivals has helped to establish the fact that, contrary to what public opinion would like us sometimes to believe, the Kattaikkuttu theatre is very much alive. The participation of a great number of Kattaikkuttu groups, representing different regions and styles, has underlined the richness and diversity of the theatre.

Once in five years the Sangam organizes a major, five-night long theatre festival for rural audiences and urban and international theatre enthousiasts. Important objectives of these festivals are to make theatrical performances covering a wide range of genres, styles, themes and geographical areas available to village audiences (who often do not have access to these performances) and to transcend the artificial divides that separate theatre forms, performers and spectators by offering equal performance space and time to all invited groups. Video/DVD compilations of the last two festivals that took place in 2000 and 2005 are available with Lalita Media (Festival 2000) and Sue Rees, or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Festival 2005)

The Sangam intends to organize its next major theatre festival in 2010 at the Centre for Performing Arts in Punjarasantankal Village, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu. It invites other organizations and individuals to collaborate in the organization of this event.



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