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Beyond the 8th standard seniors students make their own decisions regarding their academic study and the pace at which they will prepare for their exams. They combine their studies with advanced artistic training and a number of performances at an increasingly professional level.

Artistic and Academic Training

The artistic and academic curricula of the Gurukulam reinforce each other. Students are encouraged to explore their own artistic and intellectual abilities and apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired to new contexts. Fluency in English is being increased through theatre productions in English helping the student-performers to understand and emote what they say on stage.

Involving all the five senses, the combination of formal education and theatre stimulates coordination and fine-motor techniques. It helps students to overcome a lack of self-confidence and/or a lack of motivation to study. It also boosts trust in their own abilities and helps them to think and act critically and work in a team. All these skills are important preconditions to embark on a successful artistic career.

Teacher Training

The Gurukulam organizes workshops to inspire and motivate its teachers, help them increase their knowledge and address problems they encounter in the classroom. International volunteers with backgrounds in education help to develop teaching material and new lesson plans.
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Evelien Pullens, a long time member of our sister organisation Kalai Manram and a teacher, came to the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam in early 2014 to carry out teacher training workshops. To find out more about what the workshops entailed and what they achieved please click on the link to Evelien's report below.

Report Teachers Training 2014



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