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Why do we need the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam?

A school where you can learn Kattaikkuttu is needed, because

  • The choice to become a professional Kattaikkuttu actor or musician should not result in a child giving up formal education.
  • Kattaikkuttu training and performances should be accessible to rural girls and women, too.
  • Rural children are entitled to quality education and a stimulating environment.
  • Kattaikkuttu needs to be transmitted to the next generation.
  • Kattaikkuttu opens up the world.
  • Kattaikkuttu is fun & Kattaikkuttu is live.
  • Kattaikkuttu is a world-class theatre.
  • Kattaikkuttu teaches you to work together, achieving more.
  • There was no school before to learn Kattaikkuttu.
  • The Gurukulam teaches you to respect each other's art and culture.
  • The Gurukulam is our family.
  • Being in touch with your own culture is a necessity for being rooted and humane.
  • The combination of artistic training and education enables young people to break away from conditions of chronic poverty.


The Gurukulam can accommodates a maxium of 50 children and young people between 6 and 18 years old. The students come from poor backgrounds. Some of them dropped out of school to work or take care of siblings. Some went to school but were denied good quality education resulting in learning back logs of one to sometimes four years.



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